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ITIL Training v3: The Self Study Course

Source: Author: Date:06/30/08

ITIL Training v3: The Self Study Course
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As this edition of the ITIL Newsletter is focused upon the foundation
exam, we re-produce here an earlier review of the self-study course.
This is designed to prepare for the official examination, and in view
of its low cost, may well be the most cost effective approach. Note
that it is an officially accredited course (EXIN).

Initial impressions are good. The internet transaction is clean and
simple, and the download link is provided immediately. The download
itself weighed in at 15Mb, which is easily manageable even on a dial
up connection.

The files and materials were provided in a simple zip file. They
extracted without any problems, placing the course contents in a
folder of our choice.

It is obvious from the outset that there is a substantial volume of
content. A quick cross reference with their website (not that we are
cynical!) indicated that everything was indeed supplied as promised.

One nice touch was that the learning path was laid out in a clear
manner, starting with self-study and ending with the mock exams. This
is important for anyone who is not familiar with taking the learning
initiative for themselves.

All the contents were well put together. The language is clear, and
concise, and no effort has been spared in terms of presentation, with
plenty of graphical illustrations around to make the point. On
review, we liked the option of learning some of the content via a
PowerPoint presentation. This also opens the opportunity for group

The revision sheets were functional, and the sample questions and
mock exams were comprehensive. We also liked the idea of offering a
mock exam in Excel, as this provided a running score, which made the
exercise more compelling.

Despite our familiarity with the topic before we started the course,
we still enjoyed it. This is a real credit to the authors. For anyone
looking to study for the v3 exam therefore, this should prove to be
an excellent approach. It passed our test and we recommend it.

The ITIL Self-Study Course is documented here:
http ://itil.certification. info
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